If you’ve ever had to work on a laptop for any significant length of time, you’ll no doubt have found that you’ve been left with a sore neck, shoulders – or both!

Now imagine working hours a week like that. Your compromised body posture could eventually lead to you having long-term problems with your neck, shoulders and even your back.

Not good.

Fortunately, the default position of laptops – which is usually too low – can be significantly improved by the simple addition of an adjustable laptop stand. But the problem with this is, if you regularly take your laptop to meetings, or you like to work in coffee shops, then it’s another piece of hardware to carry around and set up.

This is the exact problem that the designers of the MOFT laptop stand have tried to address.

MOFT laptop stand

Not only is the stand incredibly lightweight, but it also quickly and easily adjusts into position so that you can be working within seconds. It does this by always being attached to the back of your laptop (through the use of a non-permanent adhesive), so it’s ready at all times to improve your laptop screen position and your posture.

Now before I go on to give you my opinion on the MOFT laptop stand, a quick disclaimer:

The company contacted me to ask if I would be interested in reviewing the product – which they would send to me on a complimentary basis. I immediately agreed to this, as my 6ft 9inches frame definitely suffers when I try to use a laptop. (I’ve frequently been left with bad shoulder and neck pain after working on my Chromebook in Costa or Starbucks for an hour or two.)

A week or so later, my MOFT space grey foldable laptop stand arrived at my home.

It really is as slim and lightweight as the company claim, and I was able to quickly and easily attach it to the back of my Chromebook using the adhesive strip. However, I did have a small issue adjusting the stand height from high (3 inches) to the low position (2 inches). But to be honest, I think this was more a problem with me rather than the laptop stand – as my wife was able to make the adjustment instantly!

Anyway, now I know how to do it. And I can switch from flat mode to low or high within seconds.

So what do I think about the laptop stand since I’ve been using it?

I’m very impressed!

Although there is a slight bit of a wobble when using my Chromebook with the stand, in general, it feels stable and secure. And after a few minutes of working, I usually forget that the stand is even there.

As for the adjustments…

The low height setting is perfect for me. And immediately alleviates me having to look down towards my Chromebook screen. This results in me having a much healthier posture while using my Chromebook. And this means that I can work better and for longer than before.

The high setting is – quite frankly – too high! But perhaps it’s more suited to people who like to use an external keyboard. Or I’m guessing that the elevated position would be good for showing a presentation on your screen, etc.

MOFT laptop stand

For years and years I’ve struggled with using laptops due to their low screen position. So it’s been a revelation for me to now have the MOFT laptop stand – which sorts this common problem with its ingenious design.

Quite frankly, I wish the MOFT laptop stand had been on the market years ago!

To date, more than 60,000 people have helped crowdfund the MOFT laptop stand, with an incredible £1.5 million already raised so far.

Clearly, this laptop stand is addressing an issue that many people around the world have experienced or suffered with.

It’s lightweight. Folds flat against your laptop so you can store it in your bag. And most importantly… it puts your screen at a much more favourable height.

MOFT laptop stand

And it’s not expensive either.

Currently, you can pick up the stand (in a choice of colours) from the Indiegogo site for just £19.

Remember I mentioned my wife earlier in this article? Well, she loves the stand too, and she’s asked me to order one for her laptop. And she’s way shorter than me, proving that this laptop stand is universally suitable.

To get your hands on one of the MOFT laptop stands, go to their Indiegogo page.