Craig J Todd


Blogging and writing are my passion.

And the aim of this site is to share my knowledge, experience and enthusiasm with you.

Whether you’re new to blogging and writing, or a seasoned pro – I’ll be posting regular content that I’m sure will be helpful and motivating for you.

Who Am I?

I have a background in Audio Engineering and Information Technology.

Over the years, I’ve learnt how to take complex subjects, and turn them into easy to understand articles and guides.

This is what led me into the world of freelance writing.

Who Do I Write For?

I’ve been fortunate enough to have been a regular contributor to websites such as:

I’m also the founder and content creator of my own ‘green tech’ website: Eco Tech Daily

In addition, I’m now publishing a weekly newsletter on Substack about motivation, productivity and wellbeing. Check it out and subscribe at: The Morning Edge

Here’s a selection of my published articles:

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Charm Your Audience

Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Dog’s Eyes Healthy

Dog's Eyes

How Elon Musk is Changing the World

Elon Musk

For more information on my approach to writing compelling content, please view my recent interview:

A Conversation with a ‘Giant’ of the Freelance Writing World

And for writing enquires (either under my name or as a ghostwriter), please contact me.