As writers, we’re on a constant quest to hone our craft and amaze our readers.

To unleash the magic in your writing and leave readers spellbound, you should adopt the stealthy techniques of the ninja.

To be help you with this, I have infiltrated the ancient ninja clan to share 7 of their closely-guarded secrets…

Secret #1: Outline the mission meticulously

Ninjas plan their operations in detail. Outline your draft thoroughly to give your writing a clear structure and sense of purpose. Vanquish unnecessary detours and tangents to keep readers engaged. Sharpen your outline into a precise blueprint to fall back on if you lose your way.

Your readers will appreciate a skillfully structured story.

Secret #2: Wield the blade of concision

Expert ninjas use a few highly-effective moves to maximize impact. Pare your prose down using a sharp editorial blade and ruthless eye to remove redundant or wordy phrases. Hone each sentence to its sharpest and most compelling point. Make every word count. Precise and concise writing cuts to the heart for the most impact.

Discipline yourself to be selective but lethal.

Secret #3: Rewrite and refine in the shadows

Master ninjas continually practice and improve their techniques over time through repetition. Let your drafts rest in darkness, then review and rework them with a fresh, objective perspective untainted by the emotions of creation. The cold, clear light of day reveals hidden weaknesses to excise and openings to exploit.

Polish your drafts patiently in private until you have achieved perfection.

Secret #4: Study the forms of the masters

Ninjas learn the iconic movements and postures of the masters before them, and then adapt and build upon them. Read the work of accomplished authors in your genre, analyzing how they impress and inspire their audiences. Emulate what you admire in their style and stories, then make each technique your own. Your readers will recognize in your words a mastery of the craft and an understanding of tradition.

Continually be a student of the exceptional.

Secret #5: Prime your body and mind

The most effective ninjas maintain their physical, mental and spiritual fitness through proper diet, meditation and exercise. Conditioning your body will energize your mind. A sharp mind results in keen and compelling writing. Stay active and hydrated, give your brain time to rest, and avoid energy crashes from processed foods and excess sugar.

Your readers will sense the vitality and passion in your work.

Secret #6: Practice in secret

True ninjas spend hours each day training behind closed doors, honing their techniques through repetition until those skills become second nature and can be unleashed instinctively. Writing is no different. Set time aside each day to write in privacy without interruptions. Start with just 15-30 minutes of dedicated practice. Build up your endurance over time. Regular exercise of your craft is the only path to mastery. Instinct and flow will emerge from the dedication and repetition.

Your readers will never see the hours of training behind your work – but they will see the impressive results.

Secret #7: Advance one skill at a time

Do not attempt to overhaul your entire regimen at once. Choose a single habit, technique or element to refine, and focus your efforts there before moving on. Perfection evolves step by step through incremental progress and persistence. Revolutionize one area, then build on your success. Whether targeting stronger verbs, more concise phrasing, improved story structure or any other aspect, continuous small improvements will accumulate into profound changes over time.

With patience and precision, you will achieve mastery and unleash your full potential to amaze your readers.

Implement the stealthy strategies of the ninja to hone your skills and unleash your magic as an author.

Devote yourself wholeheartedly to the path of lifelong learning and mastery. Write boldy, edit ruthlessly. Continue the quest to improve your craft one habit and one technique at a time.

Now vanish into the night, prepare your next mission, and amaze the world!

The adventure awaits…