Do you often find yourself rushing (and stressing!) to complete writing projects?

It’s what most of us do when we realize that deadlines are getting closer – and completing our work on time is becoming harder and harder.

I know exactly how it feels, as in the past, I’ve frequently struggled to complete writing projects within set periods of time. To be honest, it made me want to only write at my own pace, and not to any enforced timescales.

However, my recent (and time-sensitive) writing work for Lifehack has taught me that writing to a deadline can be an invaluable skill.

Let’s see why…

1. Your writing will have a sense of urgency.

Have you noticed that when writing without a deadline, you tend to lack motivation and purpose? Unfortunately, your writing reflects these traits, and comes across as sluggish and lifeless.

Luckily, the opposite is also true. When writing to a strict deadline, you’ll often find yourself to be highly-motivated and driven to complete your task. This inner-drive permeates your writing, and your words and sentences demonstrate urgency and vitality.

When writing has a sense of urgency about it, readers want to keep reading. It’s the difference between dull, throwaway content – and lively, hard to put down content.

2. Your writing will flow.

Another surprising benefit of writing to a deadline, is the fact that your writing will have natural flow.

Due to the pressures of time, your mind will work in top gear to help you complete your writing project as rapidly as possible. It’s this speed effect that will add flow and smoothness to your writing.

This benefit comes unconsciously as soon as you focus your mind on writing to a deadline. And writing that flows… is writing that is easy and engaging to read.

3. You’ll earn more money.

Don’t overlook the financial benefits of being able to write quickly.

For example, if you’re getting paid per article/project, then being a slow writer will mean that you’ll end up with less pay per hour. (Not ideal!) To avoid this, learn to embrace deadlines, which can tremendously help your focus and motivation – and ultimately, enable you to write quickly and effortlessly.

Freelance writers (such as myself) learn the hard way. You must WRITE FAST if you’re to earn a decent living from writing.

So, instead of regarding deadlines as problems to be avoided – embrace them as your friends and helpers. Allow them to drive your writing output to new levels of productivity.

Deadlines are really just finishing lines. World-class athletes like Usain Bolt fix their mind firmly on crossing these lines.

You can do the same with your writing. Turn your deadlines into finishing lines – and become a winning writer!